High Performance Reseller Hosting

Plesk reseller hosting for startups and design agencies.

Larger packages and custom resources available. Contact us for a quote.

SSD Storage

We only use enterprise grade Samsung SSD drives to power our entire Plesk infrastructure.

Daily Backups

With all accounts, we take full daily backups which you can restore yourself for client, via our backup manager.


Alongside unbranded name servers, you're even able to apply your own branding to your clients Plesk accounts.

Overselling Enabled

You can create as many sized accounts as you with as long as the actual disk usage doesn't go over your package.

End User Support

Forward your clients requests straight to us and we'll get back to you with a professional formatted response.

DDoS Protection

Our network is protected by enterprise grade DDoS protection to migrate all attacks with ease.


  • FTP / SFTP Access
  • Online Webmail Access
  • Daily Backups of Web, Database and Email
  • POP3 / IMAP Support
  • Free Plesk Migration
  • crypt and ionCube PHP
  • Plesk API Control
  • Enterprise DDoS Protection
  • Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates


  • Latest Plesk Version v18.0.23
  • Select your own PHP version
  • Plesk Backup Manager
  • PHP Composer Installer
  • Wordpress Toolkit
  • MySQL Database v5.6
  • Apache Web Server v2.4
  • Perl, Ruby & Python Support
  • RoundCube Webmail


  • 99.99% Uptime Guarentee SLA
  • 24 Hour Compliance Report Response
  • 30 Minute Response Time for Emergencies

Plesk Control Panel

Packed with loads of features, this industry leading
software powers all of our web hosting. Manage your
files, databases, email and logs all in once place.

How fast are accounts setup?

Once the first payment has been received for your service, we will automatically provision your package to the next available server. You will be emailed details of your new account following payment.

Can I create my own packages?

Of course, you can create your own packages, and feature groups which you can assign to packages, within your Plesk control panel. Alternatively you could create packages via your API.

What is overselling?

Overselling allows you to assign clients to packages with disk limits over your quota. For example, you assigned people to a 50GB package yet your account quota is only 25GB. However, when you reach your disk quota you will have to upgrade your package.

How do you provide end user support?

When you receive a request from your client, just submit a ticket will the relevant issue trying to detail as much information as possible. We will do our best to resolve the technical issue and respond with a professional formatted response.

How can I automate my hosting business?

Automating your hosting business is simple! We recommend utilising Blesta a leading web host management software for billing, support and domain registration. Blesta is filled with so many features to make your business truly yours!

What SLA's do you offer?

We offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee which covers you for any unplanned downtime. In instances like this we will refund you for the period your account faced downtime. We also offer a competitive support response time!